On Gluten Patrol

That’s it.  I had a little too much wine, good times with neighbors at a BBQ, had a really great tasting brat, and I have been suffering for 5 days.  Extreme itchy skin rash on my scalp, accompanied by peeling sores.  I know, gross.  It is extremely uncomfortable and aggravating. Especially since it was preventable.  Shame on me.  I know better than to eat anything that I don’t know FOR SURE is gluten free.  And I have felt terrible.  I mean, it affects your whole body, not just the skin.  Anyway, I found a great site on the web:


There is an amazing amount of health info that explains why our body acts like it does on everything we eat.  Great articles on GMO’s, organic products, etc.  I immediately went to the store and bought all my produce in the organic section.  Then I bought chia seeds and mangoes.  I plan on reading this site from top to bottom.  The best info that impacted my life was the articles on food allergies.  EVERY parent needs to read this.  Simple food allergies and eating the poisons in our food on a daily basis can cause our kids to have food allergies, autism, ADD, etc.  But the site does not just tell you facts, it goes into the biology of our bodies at the cellular level, cause and effects.  Now if I can just get my whole family to read and be informed, I will have done my job as a parent and grandparent.  It scares me to death to see what my family is eating, or not eating.

You can no longer say “simple nutrition” is what people need.  It goes way beyond that.  You have to be investigative and informed on everything that goes into your mouth.  The problem with this is that it takes a lot of time and energy when you first start out improving your health.  And, I am sorry to say, most people are lazy when it comes to changing a lifestyle.  McDonald’s is so much easier that shopping in the organic section, reading every label on a package, and searching for poisons in our food.  I

I can tell you this, though.  If it comes from a large corporation, Kraft, it is absolute garbage.  The easiest way to start is simply buying fresh organic produce.  Summer is upon us and so are the farmers markets that produce local, organic food.

About rhondasblogs

I am a retired grandma who loves to craft, hand-quilt, antique and thrift store shop, and upcycle found treasures. And...always looking to try new art media. I love gardening using eclectic ideas and vintage pieces, with green natural products. I am Paleo and try to eat pure and allergy free, searching recipes, revising and substituting ingredients to fit my restricted diet; gluten, dairy, and egg free, including some nuts. I try to live green and organic, slowly dragging my family along with me.
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