A Day In The Life Of A Food Allergy Victim

Yeah…  that’s how I felt, like a victim.  Unbelievably, I now feel it is the best thing that could have happened to me.  Okay, I am allergic, and I mean REALLY allergic to wheat and gluten, rye, all dairy, eggs, peanuts, filberts, and almonds.  I am also allergic to most sunscreens.

This is what I was going through for over 20 years, getting progressively worse:

My red, itchy eyes would swell almost shut: my scalp would blister and weep, then scab and peel.  I was itchy and my skin felt sensitive, like the nerve endings were on fire.  I felt listless, tired, achy, and unattractive.  Having constant flaking of my scalp was awful, and it hurt.  I kept changing shampoos, lotions, face creams, laundry detergents, soaps; you name, I tried it.  I spent a lot of  money on “sensitive skin” and “allergy free” products, every brand in stores and online I could find.  Nothing seemed to help.  I had also had a case of hives that sent me to the emergency room with a blood pressure of 60/40, normally having been 120’s/80’s.  Very scary.  Then…I came down with Bell’s Palsy.  I woke up with the left side of my face totally paralyzed.   I couldn’t close my left eye and all the muscles on the left pulled my face to the right side.  I thought, of course, that I had suffered a stroke.  After almost two years, I still have twitching problems with my left eye, a slight slackness on the left side of my mouth and   I still have nerve pain in my face.

My chiropractic doctor suggested I might have food allergies.  I almost didn’t take the blood test because I really didn’t believe that was a possibility.  I was convinced it was chemical based.  I couldn’t have been more wrong, and now I see how bad I really was.  Inflammation in my body was extremely high, sending my immune system spiraling, resulting in my symptoms, hives, and Bell’s Palsy.

I honestly believe my chiropractor, who practices and advocates clean, organic, and healthy living, saved my life.

I hope my health information and recipe posts help others find a greener and healthier way to eat.  Believe me, I am a firm believer in eating clean and organic.  I can’t begin to tell you how much better I feel now.

About rhondasblogs

I am a retired grandma who loves to craft, hand-quilt, antique and thrift store shop, and upcycle found treasures. And...always looking to try new art media. I love gardening using eclectic ideas and vintage pieces, with green natural products. I am Paleo and try to eat pure and allergy free, searching recipes, revising and substituting ingredients to fit my restricted diet; gluten, dairy, and egg free, including some nuts. I try to live green and organic, slowly dragging my family along with me.
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