GMO’s and Our Health

I have been hearing a lot about GMO’s, or, Genetically Modified Organisms.  My first reaction was, “I don’t see the big deal.  So farmers are growing things bigger and better.  That’s good, right?”  My attention was piqued as I watched a Bill Maher episode about Monsanto, their role in GMO’s, and a pivotal election going on in California called Proposition 37.  Even though I grew up in Calif, I really don’t follow their politics much.  What was said on Bill Maher stopped me in my tracks.

Prop 37 would require GMO food to be labeled “genetically engineered”.  Why is this so important?  Seems that Monsanto and a few other big corporations are once again going for the profit at consumer’s expense.  Or I should say, our health.  You see, it turns out that Monsanto makes Round-Up.  They helped engineer crops, like corn, to be resistant to the Round-Up chemicals.  Now it can be sprayed on the crops, killing everything but the crop, namely weeds I guess.  That means more and more spray can be used, accumulating in the crop (yeah, the big corp lied about that too) and showing up in our urine.  Hey if it goes in, it comes out somewhere.  Only before it comes out, it lets our body use it for growing cancer, endocrine disruption, DNA damage, developmental toxicity, reproductive toxicity and neurotoxicity.  Sound like fun?  Here is one of the links that explains the dangers of the toxin Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Round-Up.

I can’t wait to see how the voters in Calif view their health.  Monsanto is spending big bucks against this bill.

One more thing:  It turns out these crops also contain less nutrients than organic and non GMO’s.

About rhondasblogs

I am a retired grandma who loves to craft, hand-quilt, antique and thrift store shop, and upcycle found treasures. And...always looking to try new art media. I love gardening using eclectic ideas and vintage pieces, with green natural products. I am Paleo and try to eat pure and allergy free, searching recipes, revising and substituting ingredients to fit my restricted diet; gluten, dairy, and egg free, including some nuts. I try to live green and organic, slowly dragging my family along with me.
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